40 Fun Facts (you didn’t know) about Proggio

We’re excited to celebrate the 40th edition of our PMO newsletter today, and what better way to mark this momentous milestone than by sharing 40 fun and random facts about our groundbreaking project management tool, and the machine that drives it!

As they say, age is just a number, and with Proggio, 40 is the new 30. Enjoy these funny facts that showcase the versatility and innovation of our adaptive ppm platform and the people behind it:

  1. Unlike other PM tools out there, Proggio is NOT built on the prehistoric GANTT structure.
  2. It was founded by a pair of frustrated veteran PMs who struggled with an end-to-end solution which provided to their needs all in one place.
  3. The brains behind our business, Yaniv Shor is a published author – and wrote his debut book during his journey building the product!
  4. Proggio owns an almighty 4 (!) product patents, including its revolutionary project map – enabling users to increase visibility by zooming in and out of their projects.
  5. The tool is a PPM designed to work for YOU, rather than you working for it.
  6. The HQ team has two resident (and adorable) dogs – Charlie & Shadow – both play a prominent role in the team!
  7. FLEXIBILITY is Proggio’s middle name – its capabilities allow users to confidently adapt during uncertain, changing conditions.
  8. In honor of this year’s Int’l PMO Day we created the ultimate PM playlist, boasting a mighty 60 inspiring tracks to boost your daily productivity!
  9. Our team at Proggio headquarters consumes an astounding 40 yogurts a week.
  10. Proggio was named a Challenger in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting.
  11. Stanley Cups are our super “cool”ing trademark giveaway.
  12. Our US team has indulged in far too many sales dinners at Cheesecake Factory.
  13. Once a year our entire company gets together for a fun and collaborative onsite – our prime brainstorming and bonding time!
  14. HQ has been enjoying “Happy Hour” hangouts every Thursday for the past 6 years
  15. Our CTO is a MAJOR nut fan and indulges the HQ team in 6-8 kg sacks of nuts every week
  16. Tuna fish cans is a must at every happy hour takes it to the next level.
  17. Proggio supports integration with the major popular productivity tools such Jira, and Slack.
  18. The PM tool for Pros transforms efficiency for PM pros in more than 7 countries.
  19. In line with our fun and unique vibes, this year’s global branding concept is saints of milestones, deadlines and dynamic views, and a god/goddess of project management.
  20. Proggio includes advanced features for resource management, enabling users to allocate resources effectively, and avoid wasting time on unnecessary projects.
  21. HQ’s Full Stack King doubles up as resident mixologist – his time to shine is every Thursday afternoon at HH!
  22. At Proggio we know how to bring the party – having hosted more than 10 impromptu dance parties at industry conferences this year.
  23. We launched our series of global webinars this year, including PMI collaborations in Senegal, and Alaska!
  24. At HQ we host a dedicated Proggio kids day every summer!
  25. Our savvy sales superstars have exhibited at over 11 global conferences this year so far.
  26. Proggio offers an innovative time tracking feature to monitor the amount of time spent on tasks.
  27. The tool provides invaluable project budgeting and cost tracking capabilities.
  28. Proggio includes a risk management module to identify and mitigate project risks.
  29. ChatGPT is fun for us to use, but should not replace a human touch and a proof reader!
  30. The platform offers critical collaboration features like comments and file attachments that can be shared between teams.
  31. Yaniv Shor represents Proggio on the esteemed Forbes Technology council!
  32. The tool can eliminate unnecessary meetings, and offers customizable reports and analytics providing key insights into project performance and status.
  33. Proggio allows users to track project expenses via our budgeting feature.
  34. It offers a resource leveling feature to balance workloads across the team.
  35. At our headquarters roof top we’ve hosted over 200 happy hours, and consumed 1000+ cocktails.
  36. Proggio offers a (free!) stand alone Tasks feature, enabling users to track and monitor their daily workload, whilst collaborating across teams.
  37. It includes a project history feature to track changes made to projects over time.
  38. Our beautiful and unique Visual First approach catches everyone’s eye – drop the mic!
  39. Proggio includes a free stand alone task management platform – launched earlier this year!
  40. We’ve published 40 jam-packed weekly newsletters – “Proggio’s PMO Rundown”

We hope you’ve enjoyed the last 40 weeks of Proggio News! If you’d like to become to become a part of the vibrant Proggio community or simply want to chat to our dynamic team of PM professionals, feel free to schedule a call! We would love to share more about our innovative solution and explore how it can revolutionize your project management experience.