Project Workflows: Customize to fit your teams’ needs

Just as the world is dynamic and change-driven, so too are project plans that need to be adjusted regularly to achieve your organization’s dynamic business goals. At the same time, it’s critical for all stakeholders to be able to see, understand, and work together effectively on the key elements of any given project at any given time.

Digitized project workflows help support creating and maintaining this working system.

Your company is constantly evolving…and so is your workflow 

As your company evolves and processes change, you should be able to quickly adjust how your teams execute their projects with flexible project workflows. In addition, to keep alignment among all stakeholders, including those who are working remotely or at other locations, your project workflow should sit in the cloud.

By setting your project workflows in the cloud, you enable a streamlining of your project management processes while progressing your organization towards digital transformation.

Benefits of project workflows in Proggio

1. Immediate Customization
Quickly create or adjust project workflows to suit your organization’s dynamic needs. Effortlessly move projects from one stage to the next with our drag-and-drop feature.

2. Standardize Project Processes
Ensure that all projects in a workspace are going through exactly the same steps. It also ensures that the proper justification processes and the way project execution is approached every time for every project implemented within the project workflow.

3. Enable cross-team alignment
With digitized project workflows, teams can streamline their work and collaborate in alignment no matter where they are located.

4. Automate Triggered Forms 
Build digitized forms (with an option for document upload requests) to be triggered within each step of a workflow. Reference back to completed forms in a click.

5. All in One Solution
With Proggio you can see your projects through from inception to completion. Create your customized workflow, set up triggered forms and protocols for every step, execute projects, know where everything stands in an instant, and archive all in one place. 

6. Save Time
All documents and digitized forms from workflows are quick to reference since they are all in the and by repeating and improving upon successfully completed workflows, which you can easily review on-demand from a high-level view. 

7. Scale with Confidence
By having a set procedure in place that is easy to track from a high-level view, you can handle a large number of projects without losing track and improve upon established predictable workflows completed successfully.