Project Portfolio Prioritization: Invest in the right projects

As organizational priorities constantly shift, instantly adjust projects accordingly and reprioritize them to serve your dynamic business goals with Proggio’s Prioritization Modules. 

Focus on the projects that really matter

When plans need to be adjusted regularly to match dynamic changes within the organization, your PMO leaders need to be able to prioritize and reprioritize in minutes so that they can manage the quality of your project portfolio optimally.

With a flexible project prioritization system set in place, it helps keep it clear which projects are the ones that are aligned with the organization’s business goals. Thereby, PMO leaders can confidently ensure that they are fully optimized in their project investments (i.e., allocated resources, finances, productivity time, etc.).   

Benefits of project prioritization in Proggio

Above is an example of a project portfolio in Proggio after it has been prioritized and ranked based on the company’s business drivers.
  1. Prioritization and Execution with Clarity and Confidence
    Proggio’s project prioritization further demonstrates our commitment to seeing that organizations can do it all, including prioritization, project execution, and project workflows effortlessly and easily, in one place. Not only are you able to prioritize projects based on their business drivers in one solution, where all of the data is connected, but it is also clearly reflected on a singular timeline. Hence, you will always know that you are prioritizing the right project over another with complete certainty, and which projects prove to be worthy of investment in time, money, and resources.
  2. Customize Simply
    Set up how your projects will get prioritized based on your organization’s business drivers and their impact statements easily.
  3. Get Your Projects to Automatically Rank in Priority
    Auto-rank projects according to their prioritization score. Then visually organize the projects in your portfolio based on rank and instantly see which projects are worth investing valuable time, money, and resources in.
  4. Set a Standardized Project Process
    By following the prioritization process, your organization gains a measurable way to rank projects and can create a common ground by comparing projects from different domains.
  5. Easily Prioritize & Reprioroitize According to Dynamic Company Goals
    Set the rules and the business drivers to be been agreed upon within Proggio so that managers can reach a common ground to discuss project ranking in the context of their business goals. If your goals change, as we are living in a change-driven world, you can instantly change business drivers, reprioritize