Linking in with the Ecosystem

Select the integration that works for you

A Project and Portfolio Management solution is part of the ecosystem of Enterprise Software. Proggio integrations are set to provide our customers a way to leverage Proggio’s capabilities alongside existing data and other applications. Our customers can select between direct API development or an out-of-the-box integration with 100s of other solutions using Zapier.

In addition, Proggio integrates directly with Atlassian’s Jira and Google’s G-Suite. A simple setup (without any development) will create a direct application link between Proggio and these apps.

Direct API

Proggio direct API allow a programmable read/write access to Proggio’s database. The API documentation is shared per request with subscribed customers. The API contains:

  • Authentication
  • Pulling data from the database per team / project / task
  • Pushing data into the database

Built-in Jira integration: 

Proggio integrates Jira directly and allow creating Jira “Listeners” – a built-in mechanism to sync with Jira and “Listen” to Jira changes through the Proggio plans. When a listener is created, any change made in Jira will be communicated to Proggio and allow planning alongside other project workstream.

The Jira connection can be created with a simple setup in the app. The person creating the setup must have an Admin profile with Jira to create the first application link. Once created, all of team can use the connection.

Built-in G-Suite integration:

Proggio integrates G-Suite Drive, Calendar and SSO directly with a built-in mechanism.

The integration with G-Drive allows adding Drive files to Proggio. Every activity and task has a “Files” tab in which Google files can be added. Note that the file is not being uploaded to Proggio, only the link is saved, in order to prevent bypass of Drive access management.

The integration with G-Cal allows pushing Proggio tasks to Google Calendar as events. The initial setup is being done in the app by connecting Proggio to a Google shared calendar. This calendar is managed by the G-Suite admin and is being used to integrate your personal calendar with Proggio.


Zapier provides integration with 100s of applications out-of-the- box. Proggio integration with Zapier is in Beta test mode and will be publically available within March 2019. The integration will allow Zaps between Proggio and any other system connected to Zapier (applications like Task Management Trello and Asana, or another option to integrate Jira). In addition the Zapier integration allows defining alerts and triggers, pushing information to your email / Slack / G-Tasks about the things that are important to you.


Subscribing to one of our annual packages makes you eligible to a free session with our API and Integration experts.

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Integrations with the ecosystem

  • Direct API
  • Jira Integration
  • G-suite Integration
  • Zapier