Proggio Brings Disruptive Unlimited User Pricing to All Plans on Their Adaptive Project Management Platform

Furthering Proggio’s Mission to Help Fast-Paced Digital Businesses Drive Project Portfolio Clarity and Timeline Collaboration Simplicity

SALT LAKE CITY & TEL AVIV (Sept 14, 2023) —Proggio, the adaptive project portfolio management (PPM) platform, today announced they will be offering unlimited user plans to their customers in order to deliver frictionless value to entire project teams. The offering from Proggio is the first of its kind, separating them from the current providers in this space that operate with a per user per month pricing model.

“Businesses today are moving faster than they ever have before, needing platforms that can empower them to scale users up or down as needed,” said Proggio co-founder and CEO Yaniv Shor. “With Proggio we are not only delivering a solution that can seamlessly achieve scale on a technical level, but it can also provide the business peace of mind on the finance side as well, linking price and value creation. So far we have received a tremendous amount of praise for our unique approach and we look forward to the opportunities it will bring moving forward.”

“Implementing a pricing strategy that hinges on the solution’s value, offers a more contemporary and forward-looking perspective. This methodology establishes a stronger connection between the cost of a product or service and the tangible benefits it delivers,” said Avinoam Nowogrodski, Chairman at Proggio. “In stark comparison, the conventional per-user seat pricing model seems somewhat outdated, as it predominantly focuses on the quantifiable metric of users rather than the intrinsic value proposition.”

Proggio has steered away from the archaic Gantt-based models, using a layered data structure,

visual-based project map, and intuitive workstreams to help PMs and stakeholders manage assignments better and allocate resources more efficiently. Proggio’s visual-first approach to project management gives stakeholders– executives especially–detailed insight into project status, resource allocation and capacity, and accurate scenario planning at a glance to help leaders make better decisions that align with company goals and drive bottom line impact.

“In my line of work it is my job to ensure our teams are able to work with the best solutions available while also maintaining fiscal responsibility,” said James Tsangaropoulos, Director of IT Vendor Management for Hydrafacial. “We evaluated a number of solutions and the Hydrafacial team felt that Proggio was not only the best from a technological perspective but it also met our budgetary requirements as well, thanks to their unlimited user model.”

Proggio was just granted multiple US patents for its intuitive, “visual-first” project management solution. Proggio was also recently recognized by Gartner as a Challenger for its ‘Ability to Execute’ and ‘Completeness of Vision’ in their Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting.

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About Proggio

Proggio is a next-generation, adaptive project portfolio management solution for enterprises and mid-market companies. By bringing clarity and simplicity to project portfolio management, Proggio accelerates digital transformation in a segment that is primarily using spreadsheets and presentations. With its patented, agile solution, Proggio provides dynamic high-level views for executive managers, project managers, and other stakeholders. The solution was designed to quickly adapt to a change-driven environment, with an unprecedented level of user interface simplicity. To learn more, visit

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