Proggio Announces an Investment Round to Disrupt the Project Management Market

The funds will enable Proggio to take on traditional Gantt-based tools such as Microsoft Project and Smartsheets.

Tel Aviv and Luxembourg, July 19th, 2018–Proggio, with its innovative take on Project Management, announced a $2M investment round led by Mangrove Capital Partners. The funds will enable Proggio to go head-to-head with traditional Gantt-based tools such as Microsoft Project and Smartsheets.

Proggio utilizes a unique project diagram called “Projectmap,” which enables building clear visual timeline with integrated team task management. Proggio shifts the paradigm, focusing on people and on the way project teams intuitively operate together to drive a project to success. The solution was introduced a year ago to the market, and customer interest has put Proggio on an accelerated growth path. The company says it will utilize the funding to further develop its product market fit, accelerate development, and build its acquisition engine.

“Proggio was born out of the very serious pain points we experienced ourselves as project managers, and was purposefully designed to address the solution gap in the market. We built a collaborative timeline and task management solution for teams, and the feedback has exceeded our expectations. We have seen incredible demand over different market segments and with varied team sizes,” said Yaniv Shor, CEO, co-founder of Proggio and author of “Time to Deliver”, a book describing his project management philosophy in a story format. “Proggio is built to optimize project operation, that allows it to create a positive effort-to-value ratio. This round of funding will help us accelerate our growth, and facilitate additional integrations with other enterprise tools.”

Since its Beta launch in 2017 and following its GA in 2018, Proggio has experienced significant customer growth and is managing thousands of projects worldwide. Customers from enterprises across virtually every industry segment are using Proggio’s unique approach and accessing the platform’s latest innovations. Proggio customers are making over 300,000 project changes monthly – a number projected to hit 1,000,000 by the end of 2018.

Mangrove has been looking into the project and collaboration space over the past 3 years. We choose Proggio for its product market fit and for the domain expertise in project management.” Says Roy Saar, Partner at Mangrove capital partners, “Although there are many players in the collaboration space, the pure project management for cross-organization projects has been untouched and has seen no innovation since the launch of MS Project. There have been many solutions introduced since then, but we have found them to be mostly archaic due to their use of traditional Gantt charts”.

About Proggio

Proggio™ is an innovative project management solution built for teams. The company was founded in 2016 by Yaniv Shor and Barak Schiby. By providing clear project visuals, ensuring coordination, and keeping the team in focus, Proggio creates the dynamic of successful project teams for its users.

With a patented dataset, Proggio provides tailored views for executive managers, project managers, team leaders, and team members. Each stakeholder works within an interface designed for his/her needs, allowing other team members to work live with the same dataset. Any change made by a team member is reflected all the way up to the executive view. The solution also provides novel, numerous ways to input information and to discuss details within a project’s context with others.

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