Designed for today’s project management realities.

The power of Proggio is due to its patented data model, innovative ProjectMap™, and analytics that ensure you’re always able to adapt quickly whenever new challenges and opportunities arise.

Patented layered data model and visual insights ensure you can adapt quickly.

Proggio has a patented approach to data presentation, using layers that are always connected — just like on a digital map. This innovative dataset is at the heart of Proggio which creates unprecedented clarity about your entire project portfolio and every project.

Navigating in Proggio is so simple. You can zoom in and out of data layers to access any level of detail at any time. Each view is dynamic and interactive, allowing you to plan and instantly make changes as updates are identified.

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Zoom out to see the big picture.

Get a birds-eye view across the entire portfolio to help you monitor the progress of all your projects in parallel. Track and monitor project progress using signals, alerts, and notifications to identify where action may be required.

Zoom in to get more clarity.

With one click, drill into a specific ProjectMap™ to view all the project workstreams at-a-glance. Quickly see the project structure and understand each team’s progress against shared goals. Immediately make updates to activities, tasks, dependencies, or milestones.

Zoom in again for all the nitty gritty.

Click once more on a block of activities within the ProjectMap™ to zoom into all the details. Assign tasks, communicate and add data into any task card. Teams keep track of their work using either a Kanban board or a tabular task list, depending on their work style.

PMO, PM and task owner

Clear. Simple. Connected.

Proggio is easy enough for everyone in the organization to use — from portfolio planning to task management. The patented data model keeps everything connected from the top-down, so no matter what level of detail is needed, you can be sure everyone always has the latest information.

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