Proggio Feed: Increase project engagement

In organizations, it can be quite rare to find a united front between teams and cross-functional teams sharing a common end goal, completely aware, and in turn, encouraging and helpful to one another. 

Beyond wanting team alignment and support, is the need for team engagement. 

According to researchers, “High employee engagement correlates with higher average revenue growth, net profit margin, customer satisfaction and earnings per share.”

In other words, it would be highly beneficial for organizations to enable their employees to engage and collaborate easily within a shared project space.

Empower Project Portfolio Engagement

Get quickly updated about what’s taking place in your space via a graphical feed of relevant project-related activities that have to do with you, your team, and cross-team members.

This includes updates about activities, tasks, project status, risk awareness, and more. users are instantly brought up to speed within the app and on mobile devices.

Benefits of Using Proggio Feed:

  1. Enable Engagement and Collaboration
    With an interesting feed that reveals relevant, real-time updates of what is taking place in the user’s space, one can’t help but participate and feel more connected and aligned with one another. Since the feed is always on, this happens automatically without holding a staff meeting or all-hands meeting waiting for the next update.
  2. Raise Your ROI
    As mentioned earlier, according to Gartner, when employee engagement is high, there is a strong correlation to organizations bringing in increased revenue growth, net profit margin, customer satisfaction, and earnings per share. 
  3. Reduce the Need for Emails
    Save time finding the updates you want by remaining in the Proggio solution. Avoid sending emails inquiring about updates or searching through your flooded inbox to check for specific updates.
  4. Catch Up Quickly
    With a swipe, stakeholders can get informed on their personal project and task statuses, and on what’s taking place in their space in general. From this point, if something catches their eye, with a click they can dive in for more details. They can also stay instantly get informed about their space and their tasks on the go with their mobile device.
  5. Make Instant Updates
    If a stakeholder sees something that they’re working on that requires their attention, with a click they can instantly go to that item in the project, portfolio, or task level view to analyze and make any neccessary adjustments.