Built-In Time-Tracking

Built-In Time-Tracking

Intuitive time tracking built right into your plans.

Proggio was built by project management experts for modern businesses and organizations. As a result, our time-tracking functionality is designed to give you the time-reporting essentials right in your planning and reporting processes. Since our system excels in visually reporting our real-time data, time tracking can instantly be reported the moment someone makes an update to their time report, all the way up to the portfolio level. This saves your organization’s time and helps you efficiently work towards operational excellence.

Here are some ways Proggio’s time-tracking makes things painless:

Clear reporting from the task to the executive level

Time tracking data automatically is fed up to the executive level to provide a clear picture of the time it takes to complete work and therefore adapt and make decisions accordingly.

Clear reporting
Data reporting

Organized and filtered data reporting

See the necessary time-tracking data that is important for your team to make decisions with metadata fields that organize your data for fast access.

Estimation space

Effortless planning estimation space

Establish plans with confidence by entering time estimations so that you easily plan out how long it will take for your team to get work done and reach their goals.

No dual data entry

No dual data entry

Save time by allowing the system to automatically share your time-tracking data with anyone who has access to the related portfolio or project.

Easy for top stakeholders and assignees to use

In a few clicks, stakeholders, PMs, and assignees can estimate, enter, and track time in little time.

Easy to Use

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