Budget management built intuitively into your planning.

Allocate Resources

Allocate resources effectively.

Monitor expenses, and maintain financial discipline, all while striving to achieve the your targets. Confidently analyze your portfolio’s budget at every level to make the decision to reach your goals faster. Reach true operational excellence with your budget built right into your project planning.

Proggio’s budget management enables your team with these features:

Portfolio, project, task budgeting level budget planning

Organized budget management built to give you the perspective of your budget
at every level of planning.

Instantly identify risks
Budget planning tools

Budget planning tools built right into project map

In one screen, plan out your project map and allocate your budget in the same space.

Unit cost budgeting

Unit cost budgeting

Functionalities designed to give you the insights you need to make budgeting decisions.

Plan v. Actual in budget management

Intuitive features to give you the insights necessary to navigate evolving goals and conditions.

Intuitive features

Budget on a timeline filtered views from weeks to years

See how the budget will impact your plans from years down to weeks.

Timeline filtered views
Ready to propel the future of your company?

Ready to propel the future of your company?