This Tech Company Rolled Out A Nationwide System In 6 Months

  • Integrated team model led to nationwide rollout of payment infrastructure in Israel in 6 months
  • “Silo-less” team structure integrates software development with overall team
  • Multiple external vendors interact with project plans, increasing speed of roll out and project-wide clarity

With Proggio, everyone works together towards a team-wide common goal. Proggio’s team collaboration tools allow a project manager to invest less time in updating Gantt charts and more time in getting things done.

Sarit Peled / Head of Delivery Payment Systems,
Verifone Application Development Center


Verifone is a global leader in the mobile payments industry. Supplying technology integration solutions of hardware and software for point-of-sale terminals, Verifone processes 50% of the world’s non-cash transactions in over 150 countries.


Verifone’s Israel division needed to deploy a new payment system across the country. Rolling out payment infrastructure with the newest technology is a gargantuan challenge. Each country has its own laws, different styles and layouts for point of sale setup, and changing anything requires coordinating data flow both internally within the company and with external vendors and customers.

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Verifone Israel used Proggio to both plan the project and integrate the different teams involved. Proggio took the software team out of the silo while providing clear project plans and task management for the entire integrated team.


Use of Proggio allowed Verifone Israel to roll out a country-wide system in just 6 months.