Saved 12% in Planning Costs Using Proggio

  • Coordinated yearly event with 300 people flying in from 11 locations
  • Cut planning time by 25%
  • Saved 12% in planning costs

Proggio is simple to use, very visual, even fun! It’s is the first tool that our team members actually use on an ongoing basis: we used to create long Excel sheets when we kicked off new projects, but rarely used them throughout the project. Proggio enables good collaboration between team members, internally and externally, and it helped us understand the true status of projects and identify potential risks.

Ran Gishri / VP Marketing,


Taboola is a $1b leading market innovator in web content discovery. Thousands of companies use Taboola to solve the age old problem: How can someone discover something online if they don’t know what it is to search for it?


Taboola, like many large enterprises, has offices around the globe. Yearly events that bring the entire company together are more than just quality face time, they’re crucial for organizational planning and atmosphere. Every detail must be planned for! How do you throw the event of the year?

event timeline proggio projectmap


Taboola turned to Proggio to plan their yearly sales event. Four teams were put together, each one overseeing a different planning aspect of the event: hospitality, content, logistics, and design.


Taboola saved 25% in planning time, 12% in planning costs, and is using Proggio for multiple future project plans!