Proggio Aids Global Pharma Company in Delivering Life-Changing Medicine

  • Connects vital clinical trial projects that are dependent on one another
  • streamlines processes offering complete visibility into the entire project portfolio

I recommend Proggio to anyone working on project management. It helps to reduce the stress of staying on top of so many moving parts in a project, Senior Project Manager.

/ Senior Supply Chain Manager,
Major Pharma Company

Proggio provides leading Pharma Company with clarity and visibility in complex supply chain and manufacturing processes; streamlining procurement, testing and production for its rare disease treatments.


The company’s drug development, testing and manufacturing process is extremely complex. During drug development, there are R&D, testing and clinical trials to manage. At the production stage, every batch of every drug made is essentially treated as a new product, in which the raw materials, supply planning, sample testing, manufacturing, shipping and distribution must be meticulously tracked and accounted for across multiple SKUs and multiple production facilities. One product might go through four different manufacturing steps, each at a different location. And each starting material may feed into multiple different SKUs, adding further complexity to the tracking.

“It’s a lot to digest and it’s very time consuming to manage. “Every batch is a new project, therefore there are a lot of lines for each batch. With Excel, there’s no way to know if a certain CMO has extended the timelines, how that affects the readiness of that batch or see the implications that has for accessibility for patients,” shared Senior Supply Chain Project Manager. 


A leading Project Manager came across Proggio’s adaptive project portfolio management solution that offers real-time clarity and agility across the entire project portfolio and immediately saw it as a potential solution to her dilemma. The platform offered her better visibility, the ability to work across global teams and adapt timelines on-the-fly when needed. 


With Proggio, the organization is able to track each and every part of the drug development, testing and manufacturing process with precision and clarity. 

Its built-in dependency logic gives the team the option to link projects together that are dependent on one another—for example, the clinical trials using the batch currently being manufactured. This clear visibility allows the company to see the expected outcomes, identify any hurdles and see the implications of any decisions that might change the project plan across dependent projects.

“I recommend Proggio to anyone working on project management, and these days, that’s just about everyone—from supply chain and procurement, to product development and manufacturing. It’s a great tool with a lot of benefits and it helps to reduce the stress of staying on top of so many moving parts in a project,” Senior Supply Chain Manager

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