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Keeping project momentum between status meetings

For project managers, status meetings are a critical tool for greater success. The more complicated the project, the more critical the status meetings become. And projects that have increased number of stakeholders should have increased attendance to really leverage the meeting. During the meeting, you should be raising important points, as you and other attendees […]

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What Drives Project Management?

Project management drives many things in a successful organization: change, progress, success, future goals, and more. Successful project management drives organizations forward – but what drives project management? This is no small question. The difference between middling efforts and successful ones is clarity of purpose. Identifying drivers of successful project management opens up opportunities for […]

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The A Team Project Manager

John Hannibal Smith was not a project manager, but he may as well have been. Only a select few people enjoy a plan that comes together, after all.¬†Sure, not every project manager can be a leather glove wearing, cigar smoking, righteous soldier of fortune blowing up everything in his path while impersonating a laundromat owner. […]

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