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Project Management Without Software: The Complete Guide

Does your project really need project management software? This is more than just a theoretical question, especially for small businesses and startups – there is money riding on the answer. The pros of using project management software are obvious: schedule adherence, transparency, and progress monitoring, among others. But this doesn’t make project management software absolutely […]

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Project Management Metrics: They’re Not What You Think

Everyone wants to succeed. Project managers build project plans with success in mind. How do you know if your project is succeeding? Without the right project management metrics, your best assessment is little more than a guess. Some project management metrics are obvious, while others are not at all. Everyone can understand that “on time” […]

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Presenting Project Progress To Management Effectively

Project managers dread presenting project progress to management, and for good reason. It’s hard to give a simple overview of something so complex! How do you present project progress to management? Follow these simple guidelines, and you can turn the dreaded project progress report into a showcase of your success. Know Your Audience You aren’t […]

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