Why Proggio Turned to “Unlimited Users” on All Plans

unlimited users on proggio


User adoption is a common struggle companies face when it comes to implementing any PPM solution. To get the best company-wide adoption, you must have a solution that:

  1. Customized to any level and role in the organization  
  2. Is easy to use with proven ability to bring value per each role  
  3. Business model that will drive to wide adoption in a cost effective 

And that’s just what Proggio is and does with their new “unlimited users” model.

What is the biggest challenge in PPM solution implementation?

We would be amiss if we failed to first recognize that there are many important characteristics that PPM solutions should include to help project portfolio managers overcome potential barriers and succeed. In fact, we created a helpful checklist of all the features and capabilities that we recommend when choosing a PPM solution. 

However, the question remains, what is the biggest challenge PPM managers seem to face when implementing a PPM solution? Two words…user adoption. 

In this blog, we are going to elaborate on why user adoption is necessary (i.e., what you stand to gain by it) and how you can solve this obstacle. 

Why user adoption is necessary for better PPM performance?

When you have company-wide user adoption of a PPM solution that acts as a single source of truth (SSOT), which depends on other stakeholders to input their data, there is a cascade of advantageous developments that will likely take place as a result. 

It begins with transparency and clarity over your portfolio. 

With company-wide user adoption, all action items would be revealed and reflected within the  PPM manager’s portfolio view. The data from any level within the portfolio would be shared and help facilitate dependencies and imperative decisions that managers need to make to be impactful. No longer are plans hindered unnecessarily or time wasted by managers chasing after stakeholders’ input.

Better alignment

When there is transparency and clarity over the portfolio, alignment among teams and company goals can become a reality and not wishful thinking. This is especially for PMOs using a strategy-to-execution operational approach. For those PPM managers who are planning and executing a portfolio that serves the overall company goals and objectives, having an adoptable SSOT that provides transparency and clarity will allow for stakeholders to be better focused on their roles. When everyone is focused and their tasks are clear, better alignment is inevitable. 

PPM Managers become more efficient and effective

With complete clarity and visibility, PPM managers are in better control of their portfolio

And to that alerts and notifications of any impacting changes and PPMs can always rest assured that they are making the right choices at the right time

Reach strategic goals faster, and better

Being a focused and effective PPM manager means that you’re working your portfolio towards your company goals, KPIs, and objectives faster and better.

How to get company-wide user adoption of your PPM solution? 

When you are using a PPM solution, it will need to have specific features to be highly adoptable. They may seem like obvious features at first but they must be mentioned in case it gets overlooked.

First, the PPM solution needs to behave as a single source of truth (SSOT) that is robust –offering the proper customized tools and data views for every role involved. This is so all of the data for your entire portfolio sits in one platform and displays what needs to be seen in a clear visual for whoever is using the solution.

Second, it should be easy to use (i.e., doesn’t require intensive training) for every role. When the solution provides intuitive tools and data views for all the users, it saves valuable time in more ways than one. For instance, managers do not need to waste time and energy in trying to seek information needed for other dependencies. Everyone will be sharing the same data, so everyone will always be able to instantly know where everything stands, what’s on time, and what’s holding something up. 

Third, it should be easy to onboard all stakeholders. Big organizations require many stakeholders to have access and be in touch with one another about a common goal. They should not be wasting time trying to figure out who needs to get access, and then go through a payment gateway every time a user is taken off or added, and then have them trained for months on how to use a PPM solution.

How Proggio combined with Unlimited Users makes adoption possible

Proggio’s PPM solution was built to make company-wide adoption second nature.  It involve three main key elements:

  1. Customized to any role in the organization – The ability to create customized views for each role, from the Task Owner to the Project Manager and up to the COO, can have their own customized view that will assist them in their day to day job.
  2. Easy to use – Proggio’s patent-based solution was built around the purpose of providing the most user-friendly tools and clear visual throughout the system. No extensive training required. Just get onboard and instantly begin.
  3. Scalable–With Proggio’s unlimited users organizations gain the opportunity to capitalize off of our powerful and intuitive SSOT PPM solution with all of its customizable features.  


Company-wide user adoption of your PPM solution is critical to gain true insight into your project portfolio. Because of that, it is important that your PPM solution serves as a single source of truth, is easy to use, and provides seamless onboarding for everyone to effortlessly access relevant tools and views to perform their role at an optimal level. 

Proggio has recognized this struggle and has combined our robust SSOT solution’s ease of use with an unlimited user model. Now you can gain the adoption you need to integrate your entire organization into your project portfolio quickly and harmoniously.

Overall, when all of the stars align toward company-wide adoption, you are able to steer your projects towards your goals and objectives. 

 Want to gain control of your project portfolio?