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Effortlessly manage your project portfolio with the ultimate visibility.

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Proggio is proudly made in Israel and serves organizations worldwide with over +100k users.

Acheive alignment.

Empower everyone with the relevant tools, views, and
reports so your projects remain on course towards company goals.

Gain project portfolio clarity.

In one quick glance, understand the status of your entire project portfolio.

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As Israel revolutionizes the world, choose the project portfolio management solution that will support your growth.

Top Execution

Continuous improvements become second nature with portfolio clarity.

Managerial Alignment

Harness seamless alignment towards goals with a shared portfolio view.

Know Where Things Stand

Allow stakeholder updates to autogenerate the portfolio view.

Digitize your project workflow.

Seamlessly see your projects through from start to finish in one platform.


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2 | Prioritization


3 | Planning


4 | Execution


5 | Delivery

While you roam the streets of Tel-Aviv, view your project plan on the go.

Integrate with over 100+
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