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Create a shared customized workspace

Easily set up your dedicated workspace on Proggio and start creating your project structure. It is important to have a well set up environment so that work can be managed in a productive and more intuitive manner – Setting it up takes only a couple of minutes. Throughout this section, we’ll share insights and best […]

Introduction – Proggio Task Management

In Proggio we are taking a wide view over projects, from building a portfolio, through planning and tracking a single project and into task management. In this article we will focus on Task Management with Proggio.  Get work done, in context  Task management is all about short term execution. As soon as the longer term […]

How to Connect Proggio with Jira

These instructions are Step #1 of connecting Jira and Proggio, as described in the Proggio app https://app.proggio.com/integration/jira. In order to go through this process in Jira, you must be a Jira Administrator.  Step Jira screenshot Please login to Jira as Administrator 2. From the Jira settings, select “Products” 3. Select “Application link” 4. Type Proggio […]

Add Value to JIRA Using Proggio’s Timeline

Background – Current Status  Over the years, Agile has brought great things to software project management. With its rise, the abilities for faster, shorter, and higher frequency releases increased development velocity significantly. Jira is one of the main tools being used to manage high velocity teams. It covers various DevOPS aspects and allows controlling and […]

Manage Your Proggio Workspace

Before you can manage a Workspace on Proggio, you must have ’Admin’ access and preferably you need additional members in your space besides yourself.  Inviting members is easy and can be done from any page in the application from the ‘Tools‘ menu > ‘+Invite User‘.   Users can have the following Permissions within your Workspace: […]

Project Portfolio View

Managing Your Project Portfolio On Proggio

How do you know if you’re on track to meet your business goals? Most people are looking at the data – but what data are you looking at? is it visually organized? Is it answering the right questions? – Proggio’s Project Portfolio Has All The Right Answers! Let’s get familiarised with the various elements you […]

Sub Project View

Sub-Projects On Proggio

Proggio’s unique layered approach allows you to create a project hierarchy with it’s newest feature – The Sub Project.   Let’s familiarize first with some basic terms: Master Project:  Is a project plan that has one or more sub-projects. Sub project: Is a project within a master project. Activity Container: Is a block located on Proggio timeline […]

Advanced Tools on Proggio

Advanced Features On Proggio

Each level on Proggio has of dedicated tool bar with relevant features or actions to that specific view. Some actions that might be very relevant for your resource planning, might not be relevant at all on the Portfolio level. Below is a brief overview of each designated level (screen) of the application. ProjectMap: From Right […]

Milestones on Proggio

Difference between Milestones and Target Dates in Proggio

Milestones are used in project management to mark specific points along a project timeline. They are a key part of any project plan which show you the direction of where the current stage of the project is going to. The milestone in itself carries no duration but in many instances it will impact the total […]

Your Project Plan Has Never Been So Clear And Easy To Manage

Understanding Workstreams

Definition: Workstreams are core areas of activities in your project. Could be a department in your organization (i.e Operations or Marketing) or an ongoing activity in your project (i.e Testing or Implementation).   So What Are Workstreams? Example 1: Planning for a Wedding A wedding can definitely be considered as a project. It has a start […]

Using Proggio’s Resource Management (Team Loading)

Resource management is one of the most significant challenge in project management, if not the most challenging one. Project scheduling and task assignment to different people must be followed by resources analysis, otherwise organizations can easily over-commit and provide false delivery projections to management and customers. Handling resources consist of at least 3 steps: Listing […]

The Coordination Plan

Dependencies, in Proggio, function differently than in other applications. Proggio doesn’t show dependencies within workstreams, because it is taken for granted that one thing must lead to another in a straight line. Proggio’s dependencies highlight cross-workstream dependencies, where there is a handoff of some kind between different members or units within the project team. These […]

The Risk Management Plan

Managing risk is a crucial aspect of successful project management. Proggio has a built in Risk Management Plan that allows you to be on top of your project risk from the first moment. When you open up an activity box on your Projectmap, you can see there is a toggle switch to mark an activity […]

Budget Reports

Budget Report Setup: In order to make use of the high level budget report, there are few steps that you need to take.

How to Print & Export your Project Plan

You can take a screenshot of the entire Project or any specific period of time that you would like to focus on and print it out.

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