The Risk Management Plan

Managing risk is a crucial aspect of successful project management. Proggio has a built in Risk Management Plan that allows you to be on top of your project risk from the first moment.

When you open up an activity box on your Projectmap, you can see there is a toggle switch to mark an activity as at risk. There is also a “Priority” menu.


Selecting that toggle tells the Proggio engine that this activity is at risk, and on the Projectmap the activity box is now ringed in red, signifying the risk level.


If you mark an activity or task as “critical,” you will not see the red border, but there is somewhere important that is paying attention to your priority setting: the risk management plan.

Proggio’s Risk Management Plan Tool

Proggio includes a risk management plan tool, which creates an automated risk table for you to use in creating your risk management plans.

Here’s where to find it. Click on the “Project Tools” menu, and you will see a drop down menu that looks like this:

Selecting the “Risk management plan” option will open a table that looks like this:

You can see the two activity boxes ringed in red earlier are present here, as well as one activity and one task that were marked as “critical.”

Proggio prompts you to input your prevention plan and mitigation plan, as well as the action items you will need to take. You’ll notice that Proggio’s risk management plan is based on two different paths, prevention and mitigation. Prevention planning is your plan to avoid the problem. Mitigation planning is your plan for how to tackle the issue head on if it manifests.

For example, say the risk is a vendor being late. Prevention is checking in with the vendor daily to make sure they are on track. Mitigation is what to do in case the vendor is late, anyways.

You don’t always succeed at prevention. Building a containment or mitigation plan after prevention fails is difficult to do successfully. By bringing the mitigation level planning into focus from the beginning, you have a robust risk management plan.

You can export the risk management plan as a CSV by pressing the button in the top right corner. The column widths are adjustable, and each column is sortable by header.