Release Notes – Dec 2018

Proggio Release Notes – Dec  2018

  • Customized Dashboard
  • Kanban Settings

Creating your own Customized Dashboard.

Proggio now enables you to create your own dashboard, you can get a quick glance of all your Upcoming Milestones, Recent Activities, Project plans  and many others. From the main menu, select Dashboard, and click on the three dots on the top right of the page to open the Widget menu

From the drop down menu, you can select which widgets you would like to see on the dashboard view, You can have as many widgets open at the same time as you would like. We will continue to add to the widget options in Q1 of 2019.


Kanban Board Status Settings.

You don’t need to be using the default status settings in Proggio when reporting progress on Tasks & Activities, you can customize your progress status by editing in the Project settings window. Open one of your projects and click on the project name to open the Project setting window.

Simply update the name of the current Task Statuses and make sure to click on the “Use for Status Board” button. To see the updated status on your Kanban Board, select the Task Management tab from the main menu and make sure that you select Board view.