Release Notes – Aug 2018

Proggio Release Notes – August 2018


  • Freeze Projects – Actual Vs Planned
  • Text Size & Density Settings


Freeze Projects:

Projects very rarely run to plan, in face, a wise man once said, Projects are always wrong on day one. But knowing where the project was delayed and by how long is critical to a successful outcome. Proggio now allows you to track the delays in your project by using the new Freeze Function. This function allows you to take a snapshot of your project at any given time and compare the planned progress to the actual progress.

At the top of the projectmap canvas you will see the Plan Vs Actual button, Simply click on the Button, enter a description for this particular Freeze point and save.


To Compare the Plan Vs Actual, click on the Plan Vs Actual Button and select the Freeze point that you wish to compare. Proggio will generate a copy of each “Planned” individual workstream and place it directly beneath it’s corresponding workstream on the Actual project plan as a shadow of itself, therefore allowing you to see the difference between the Planned and the Actual.

Text Size and Density:

Projects come in various shapes and sizes and we think  you should be able to change the color and Density of the text to match and help your project impress. By going to the User settings (can be found under your avatar on the top right of the page) you can select the desired size of the text you wish to see on the Projectmap

Dark & Large

Light & Small