Tagging your Projects / Activity Progress Bar

Proggio Release Notes – June 2018

  • New Activity Window
  • Activity Progress Bar
  • Tagging Projects
  • New Access to Activity Window

To update activities, add tasks, talk to your colleagues and add attachments – simply double click on the Activity to reveal the new Task Window.

In the middle of the screen you can Edit the Activity and Tasks, you can add and delete tasks and change the status of each task.

If you select a task, you will be able to change the start and end date and reassign the task to another member of the team.

Make sure the team know what the activity is about by adding a description – select the task and double click “Description” on the right hand side. The activity settings popup will appear – this is where you add the description.

You can either make general project related comments or address a specific member of the team. By Adding @ into the comments bar, a list of all the project participants will appear, select the correct person to ensure that the person will see the message in the comments log and will also receive notification via email.


  • Updating Activity Progress

It is so easy to show progress on each individual activity, click on the progress bar in the activity and the progress bar slider will appear. Just move the slider back and forth to mark how much progress has been made (Note that the white line will move left and right as you move the slider)


  • Tagging Projects

Who owns the project? Which team is responsible for this project? What product is this project for?

These questions are often asked when dealing with multiple projects at the same time, so now Proggio allows you to Tag each project. Open the Project settings and add a tag name to the Project

All projects will appear on the home page under the correct tag.

If you would like to see specific features added to the platform we would love to hear about them, please contact us at support@progg.io