Color Coding / Add private tasks

Proggio Release Notes – April, 2018

New Style of Menu

  • Export Activities & Tasks
  • Import from Excel
  • Color Coding
  • Expand/Colapse projects
  • Add private Tasks

A new style of Menu which is easy to read and easy to use which will help with In-app navigation

New Menu


You can now export a full list of Activities and Tasks, simply “right click” on the chosen project and click on Export.

Proggio allows you to import a project from Excel. By using the predefined format provided, you can now upload a list of Activities & Tasks and see them across the Proggio Timeline.



You can edit the project settings or delete a project directly from the home page, there is no longer a need to enter the project itself

No matter how many workstreams you have in a project, Proggio allows you to clearly distinguish between them by allowing you to select a different color for each one. You can also edit the color of each individual activity within a workstream.

When looking at your list of tasks, you are no longer limited to a pre-defined time frame, you can now select the exact time frame that you need to see.

You can Expand/Collapse projects within the Task Management page which will save you time scrolling down to find the right project, task or activity.

You can now add your own Private task to your task plan, so you have no excuse forgetting that all important anniversary