3 Amazing Features We’ve Added on Sept. 2020


  • Cross Functional Views for increased management and visibility
  • New Filter UI in Task Management for an easier and more accurate view
  • Project Share Feature for increasing project collaboration and awareness
  • Navigation Panel – New Look for faster and more intuitive navigation

The Details:

Cross Functional Views:
Creating customised cross project views, for increased management and team visibility

Your own high level portfolio view of select workstreams, from across multiple projects. Can be ideal for managing specific functional areas across several projects or just for presenting your team’s efforts in management reviews.

New Filter UI in Task Management:
Your task list, exactly the way you need to see it

Helps everyone on your team to better adopt the use of Proggio, while increasing the overall engagement within your project portfolio. Now, tasks assignees and assigners can manage their work using intuitive sorting and filtering capabilities.

Navigation Panel – New Look:
Faster and more intuitive navigation

We’ve heard your feedback and redesigned the chronological order of the navigation panel to encourage improved app orientation. This new design follows the Top-Down planning approach of Proggio, starting from the Portfolio level and goes down through an individual project plan all the way to the tactic operational level of Activities and Tasks.






Project Share Feature
Get other stakeholders or spectators involved in your plans

Generate an easy access link into your project, that can be shared with external stakeholders. Click the Share button from within the desired project and then select the person from the list. Adding a personal message is optional.

The shared project can be viewed in ‘Read Only’ mode without forcing the receiver to an authenticated Proggio account. Users can access the project (sign in) in edit mode according to the role assigned to them (Editor / Viewer / etc.)


We’d love to hear your feedback on these new developments at hello@progg.io and also get fresh new ideas for additional features you feel we should add.

Good luck planning!