How to Create a (Epics) Board Map Automatically

Congrats! Now that you’ve linked between your Proggio account and your Jira instance, you can enjoy the automation feature of creating “Board Maps” in a single click. How cool is that? Very cool! 

So What Are Board Maps?

Populated on Proggio’s patented Project Map timeline, a Board Map shows you a clear visual display of all available Epics within a selected Scrum or Kanban Board. 

In classic Agile methodology implementations, Epics are the best object to connect longer term plans with developers execution. A product manager, development manager or even scrum master can reflect the plan and the roadmap by defining Epics, and place them over the timeline. The Epics are then broken down into stories, tasks (and yeah, oftentimes bugs and other issue types), all serving the goal of completing the Epic. 

Creating your first Board Map:

  1. From the main menu, Click “Settings“, and then “Jira settings“. A list of available boards will be presented

  2. Find the relevant board, and then click the “Create Epic Map” button 
  3. Creating a Board Map can take several seconds, and is subject to the amount of data assigned to the specific board filter in Jira
  4. When the Board Map is ready, a link will be created (see above for “PJD board”)
  5. Click the link to navigate into the newly generated Epics Board Map
  6. Each Board Map is created as a Proggio project tile and can be accessible from the ‘All Projects’ page. 

What’s In It For You?? 

The board map you just created is syncing the following information from Jira: 

  • Versions: or scheduled releases – these will be populated on the Timeline as flags, representing milestones. 
  • Epics: All Epics that are related to the selected board will be synced into the plan and be represented as Activity Blocks (when scheduled) or as a Task (when unscheduled). 
    • Scheduled Epics with due date – Will be automatically placed on the map according to their indicated start / end dates.
    • Unscheduled Epics without due date – will be listed as “Unscheduled” and will be listed as Tasks in the ‘Unscheduled’ tab from the split screen. You can drag-and-drop them onto the map, which will also update their due date in Jira. 
  • Stories, Tasks, Bugs – are pulled into the Epic and visible in the split screen section when the Epic is selected. 
  • Note: Workstreams are created per each Jira team member who’s assigned an Epic. Each person associated with the selected Jira board gets assigned a designated Workstream with the epics they’re assigned to, with the Epics populated across the timeline at their indicated due dates. 

It’s basically a complete representation of the Jira board which was just created with a click of a button! 

How is the Board Map synced? 

Epic content is being updated in real time:

  • Status changes 
  • User assignment changes 
  • Sprint assignment changes 
  • Etc. 

Epic location over the timeline, as well as versions are updated only when the user clicks ‘Recreate Board Map’ from the ‘Tools‘ menu. Alternatively you can also recreate them from the Jira Settings page.


  • Can I Share the Board Map with colleagues outside of Proggio?

    • Board Maps can be generated as PDF files by clicking the camera icon on the top right corner of the Project Map.
    • Board Maps can be shared with team members by clicking the share icon on the top right corner of the Project Map.
  • How can I be sure the generated Board Map is up to date?
    If an Epic due date was changed in Jira, an alert will popup within the Board Map, suggesting to align the due date mismatch.
  • Do I have to use the automatic feature in order to create an Epics Board Map?
    Board Maps can also be created manually (Using the JIRA Listener feature), as explained in details in the Proggio Jira whitepaper.
  • Do Epic boards have the same exact functionalities of regular projects?
    Yes. All the features that are available in Project Map are enabled in Board Maps too.
  • Do Epic boards count as a project in the overall package?
    Yes. A Board Map counts as a regular project within your subscription package.
  • If I build additional items into the epic board (project plan), will they be removed upon resync/recreate? Right now no. On our roadmap to keep them alive
  • Can I create Issue types into JIRA directly from the Board Map?
    Yes, as in a regular project, right click the Activity Block and select ‘Create Jira Issue’
  • How can a Board Map help me manage my Project Portfolio? 
    • You can align Jira execution with other things happening in parallel over your project and Portfolio. 
    • Create multiple maps for several different boards, then see it side by side as from the Project Portfolio page. 
    • Control your development team work without logging into Jira. 
    • Include specifically the information from Jira that you really need and remove clutter out the way. For example, a board for a specific release version.  

Any questions? Contact us directly with the in-app chat, or email