Getting Started on Proggio

  • From ‘All Projects’ page, click on Create New Project to start planning on a clean canvas.

  • Name your project and select the project’s start date. You can Always edit this later from Project Tools –> Project Properties.


  • Now, a new Projectmap is being created. Notice it has a few elements planned out across the timeline (i.e activities, tasks and a milestone) – These exist for the sole purpose of showing you what is what on the canvas. You can either delete or edit them as you wish.

Proggio's ProjectMap

  • Create your workstreams

Workstreams on Proggio

are an essential component of any project created with Proggio.

These are a core areas of activity in your project.

They can be a department in your organization (i.e Operations or Marketing) or an ongoing activity in your project (i.e Testing or Implementation).

To edit their label, double click on the text area or click the 3 dot menu and click on properties.

Adding more workstreams can be done from the + sign at the top or the +Add new Workstream at the bottom.


  • Add Activities across the time-line

Activities are the bread and butter of the ProjectMap view. Unlike a traditional GANTT chart which uses all the tasks to show the structure, Proggio’s Projectmap shows only what is relevant to that viewer. Proggio uses activities to show the structure of your project. To create an activity, double click on the canvas in the relevant space and workstream. Once created, you can drag the activity block right or left to adjust it’s duration.


In many cases, activities will contain tasks within them. This is indicated with a small number on the top right side of the activity block. The white line across the block indicates the overall progress of the activity.

Activity Box on Proggio

Click once on the activity block to see details on the activity’s duration and the activity settings icon.

Activity block on Proggio

Clicking on the activity settings will open a new dialog box with additional information where you can adjust the activity duration, add a description and assign it to a specific team member. Read more about Activity Settings here.


  • Add Tasks within Activities

A Task is a ‘to-do’ item that is contained within an activity. Even though Tasks are one of the lowest layers within Proggio, the affect of a completed or incomplete task can be felt all the way up to the top layer or the Project Portfolio. An incomplete task, means an incomplete activity which will most likely mean a delay in the overall project. You can add tasks in several ways:

From the Activity Settings: Click once on the ‘Add Task’ button from the bottom corner.

From the Split Screen: Click once on the activity block on the time-line and then add tasks from the split screen section below.

Split Screen on Proggio

From the Activity Settings: Double click on the activity block to navigate into the activity settings. Then click on +Add new Task or the 3 dot menu to add more tasks.



You can also add tasks and activities from the Task Management view. Read more about it here.


  • Add a Milestone to your project

Milestones are tools used in project management to mark specific points along a project timeline. To add a milestone – Double click on the timeline area at the top part of your projectmap


Milestones in Proggio


  • Invite Team members

Inviting colleagues to join the Project is an essential part of the Proggio experience. Proggio is designed for teams to succeed and to really understand how the platform functions we recommend inviting your team to join you. From the Team Settings page, insert your colleagues email addresses, assign the appropriate role and click to send out the invite.

To learn more about the different Roles – click here.


  • Assign Activities or Tasks to team members

Proggio was designed with teams to be at the very forefront of all projects and now is the time to get those team members involved by assigning Tasks or Activities to them. Simply select a team member from the drop down menu (all team members that have been invited to join the project will appear on the drop down) and assign, the specific team member will receive an email notification that he has a new assignment.

Assign Task on Proggio

Now it’s time to start creating your first project.