Let's Get Going

Creating a project has never been easier, no matter how simple or how complex, Proggio enables you to create a project within minutes.

  • From the Home page, Click on New Project

A new Project canvas will load and open – A pop up will appear as soon as the project opens. (we highly recommend watching the Quick Start Guide, this will give you an entire overview of Proggio in 5 minutes)


  • Name the title of your project

The first step will be to name your Project. Open up the Project settings and Edit the name there. The Project settings window will also allow you to edit the project start date, select the working days, edit/add Task Status.


  • Name your workstreams

Workstreams are an essential component of any project created with Proggio, Workstreams are the core areas of activity within the project. The easiest way to think about this is to imagine the initial kick off meeting. The members of your organization, or the groups that would be represented in the meeting would become workstreams for the project. As an example, a workstream can be a team like Software, Development & QA, or, it could be a more business related function that is connected to the project like Marketing & Customer Success. To Edit the Workstream label, simply double click and type the new label.



  • Add Activities

Activities are the bread and butter of ProjectMap!
By using activities, the structure of the project is created. A traditional GANTT chart uses all the tasks to show the structure, however, Proggio uses the activities to show the structure and contains all the tasks within the activities. By focusing on the activity, Projectmap follows the school of thought that suggests “Less is more”, by showing only what is relevant to that viewer. To create an activity, double click on the relevant space, which should be determined by Workstream and date on the canvas.



  • Invite Team members

Inviting colleagues to join the Project is an essential part of the Proggio experience. Proggio is designed for teams to succeed and to really understand how the platform functions we recommend inviting at least one member of your team to join. From the Team Admin page, you are able to invite as many users as you would like and assign them the correct Role.

(For more on Roles – click Here)

  • Add Tasks to Activities

A Task is an action that is contained within an activity. Tasks are the lowest layer within Projectmap (Task Management) however, the affect of a completed or incomplete task can be felt all the way up to the top layer. An incomplete task, means an incomplete activity which will most likely mean a delay in the overall project. To open the task window, select the activity and click on the “open Icon”. The task window will appear, click on “Add new Task, you can add as many tasks as you like to each Activity.

  • Assign Tasks or Workstreams to team members

Proggio was designed with teams to be at the very forefront of all projects and now is the time to get those team members involved by assigning Workstreams, Tasks or Activities to the team. Simply select a team member from the drop down menu (all team members that have been invited to join the project will appear on the drop down) and assign, the specific team member will receive an email notification that he has a new assignment.

Now it’s time to start creating your first project.