Why it’s Good to Take a Break from Being Productive Every Once in a While

Taking a Break from Being Productive in work is good for you and your organization

It’s important to take a break from being productive every once in a while, as it can help to rejuvenate and re-energize us. When we are constantly working and striving to be productive, it can lead to burnout, decreased motivation, and decreased overall happiness. Taking a break from our daily routines and responsibilities allows us to relax and recharge, which can ultimately make us more productive in the long run.

Prevent burnout

Constantly striving to be productive can lead to burnout, which can leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and demotivated. Taking a break allows us to step away from our responsibilities and relax and keep us energized. Moreover, preventing burnout among employees is crucial in a corporate setting, especially after working on big projects that may require long hours and intense focus.

In addition to being counterproductive, being overworked leads to a massive increase in absenteeism and creates a negative work culture. In fact, companies that hold this matter in high regard and provide a healthy work ethic infrastructure for employees prevent it from occurring and lower employees taking sick days by 30%. This can include encouraging regular breaks, promoting work-life balance, and providing opportunities for employees to engage in activities that allow them to relax and recharge.

Boost creativity

When we are always working, we may not have the opportunity to engage in activities that allow us to think creatively. Taking a break from being productive can also give us the chance to pursue hobbies, engage in exciting activities, or simply relax and let our minds wander. This is a recipe for cultivating fresh ideas. And in an environment where projects are agile, or changes constantly arise, you want creative solutions to be delivered…and fast.

Improve mental health

Being productive all the time can be draining, and it is also important to take a break to recharge our batteries. Taking a break allows us to relax and de-stress, improving our mental health and overall well-being. It can also give us the opportunity to practice self-care and prioritize our own needs so we can be available and present for everything and everyone else.

How the Proggio Team Had Some Fun Together This Year

Here at Proggio, we believe in leading by example. So naturally, what better way to create some balance than with weekly Happy Hours and a semi-annual fun day together?

At the end of every week, we hold a fun happy hour on the office balcony, where all of the teams catch up with one another’s project accomplishments, share daily life stories, and avoid politics at all costs, all the while raising our glasses to a “L’Chaim” (cheers “to life”) over some fancy wines and tasty cocktails that Alex Shvartskopf, our Full Stack Developer and Head of Happy Hour, introduces us to.

Proggio happy hour led by Alex.
Alex, our dedicated Head of Happy Hour and Full Stack Developer, pours his love into our weekly drinks.

Each happy hour is always a unique and exciting experience full of good times and lots of laughter. Yael Oshman, our Solution Engineer, and Lior Ganot with their infectious laugh, Vladislav Bulanov, our Automation Lead, with his exercise and nutritional tips, Alice Goland, our QA Manager, with her humble marathon achievements that we want to celebrate, and if we’re extra lucky, if Barak Hofi, our Full Stack Developer, is back from reserves, he will explain to us our question about Jewish wisdoms, Oded Wilder, our Director of Customer Success, will wow us with an amazing bartender trick, while Bar Linder, our Full Stack Developer, will crack us up with his witty humor, and Barak Schiby, our CTO will also make us cry from laughter at his incredible tales from his personal life adventures. The list can go on, but surely you get the picture. All in all, the bonds formed during these happy hours are an important part of our company culture and something that we all looked forward to.

And for our fun day together, this winter we descended upon Jerusalem’s vibrant outdoor food market, the Machane Yehuda Shuk–a historic epicenter for some of the finest Middle Eastern and European cuisine in the nation’s capital.

Proggio day trip to take a break from being productive at Machneh Yehuda, Jerusalem
Photo by Roxanne Desgagnés on Unsplash

To start the day off right, we all cheered over a glass of Arak in the streets. Next, we were inspired by Yaniv Shor, our CEO and founder of Proggio, who, without a second thought, stood up to the plate as a human demo as a part of the merchant’s comic relief for their natural potions (that actually worked!). Go, Yaniv!

As many of us at Proggio are self-proclaimed foodies and beverage connoisseurs, we were excited to explore the array of delicious eats and treats that the market had to offer, from traditional Israeli street foods to modern culinary creations while learning about the rich past and culture of the city’s landmark market.

It was an unproductive productive kind of day. Check out more pictures from this adventure on our Instagram page.


All in all, a company that not only supports and encourages taking a break from productivity says a lot about the health of a company’s DNA.