Weekly Success Digest #6: Robotics

Robots are meant to solve problems, make things easier, and eventually enslave the humans in a terrible dystopia. You can find them in factories, restaurants, laboratories, and increasingly everywhere else! Each robot doing a task is a success story – someone identified a problem, designed a solution, and changed how things were done. Robots can be mechanical arms in a car factory, or….clearheaded humanoids with remarkably lifelike movement and expressions, like Sophia.

Flipping Burgers, Too Well Done

Everyone in the United States thinks of burger flipping jobs at fast food joints as the ultimate “anyone can do that!” job. Turns out that’s only mostly true. CaliBurger, a chain in California, tested a robot fry cook at one of its locations. The robot manned the griddle, grilling burgers and flipping them on to waiting buns. Known as “Flippy,” the robot was fired from its job – because it was too darn good at it! Human workers couldn’t keep up with the robot, leading to problems in the supply chain. Flippy isn’t going away, though. CaliBurger plans to install fifty Flippys across its chain in 2019.

Solving Rubik’s Cubes In A Third Of A Second Is So Easy

A robot was built by students at MIT that solved a Rubik’s cube in 0.38 seconds, breaking the previous record of 0.637 seconds. They accomplished this after noticing design flaws in the record holder, and giving their robot better motors. By comparison, the fastest human attempt is 4.59 seconds.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

River Cleaning Robot Boats, Say It Ten Times Fast

Urban Rivers has developed a robotic, trash cleaning, boat. Their goal is to clean the Chicago River, and offer people the chance to pilot the boats from their homes around the world doing so. The Chicago River is heavily polluted, to the point where swimming in it is forbidden. Urban Rivers hopes to change that with this robot boat.

Cooking Like A Masterchef

Droning On And On And On

Drones are completely changing the world – and barely anyone knows about it! Sure, we hear about military drones, and maybe some of the toy drones people are playing with when one gets too close to an airport. But there are so many more uses drone technology is being applied to – mining, meteorology, disaster relief, even wildlife conservation efforts.