Weekly Success Digest #3: Science

Every week we bring you the most relevant content to help run your project team successfully. This week we will be looking at scientific successNot every discovery is the result of careful planning and measured experimentation. Sometimes, scientists persevere for years before having an unforeseen breakthrough. We at Proggio know that serendipity happens when your team is structured for success – and here are some stories of scientific advancement built on perseverance and serendipity.

plastic recycling

Scientists Accidentally Discover an Enzyme that Eats Plastic 

Picture credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Scientists discovered an enzyme that can digest plastic, completely by accident! “Serendipity often plays a significant role in fundamental scientific research and our discovery here is no exception,” one of the lead scientists said in a press statement


Nobel Prize Winner Was Once Told He’ll Never Make It In Science

John Gurdon
Picture credit: Gurdon Institute

Professor John B Gurdon was told by a science teacher that he would never become a scientist. He then went on to win the Nobel Prize. He tells all his students to never give up no matter what – and his story is a wonderful illustration why. 


Ten Scientific Discoveries That Happened Accidentally And Changed The World

Rontgen and the first X-Ray
Picture credit: Wikimedia Commons

Plastic eating enzymes wasn’t the only scientific discovery discovered by accident. Matches, X-Rays, penicillin, the microwave, and potato chips are all part of our lives thanks to serendipity!


2,879 Caterpillars Made of Clay


Scientific discovery takes patience, determination, focus and perseverance. And sometimes, it also takes 2,879 bright-green, plasticine caterpillars. Scientists canvassed the globe and discovered the old adage about location, location, location is also deadly true for prey – caterpillars are more likely to be attacked near the equator, or at low elevations.


Five Woman Scientists Share Their Stories Of Overcoming Challenges To Succeed

five successful scientists
Picture credit: Alison Burt

Five women scientists from Nigeria, Sudan, and Vietnam share their stories of overcoming hardship in becoming researchers, professors, and more. These women are well on the way to joining the ranks of women who changed the world! Their story is inspirational, and eye opening about what life is like in other places around the world.


Fifteen Recent Scientific Discoveries You Won’t Believe

Five Habits, Backed By Scientific Research, That Will Help You Succeed

habits for success
Five science backed habits that will improve your mental strength and help you be productive. The author is a CEO of a wealth management firm and the CIO of a hedge fund. Whether you are looking to stop bad habits or start good ones, the advice here is a great place to begin!


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