Top Trends In Social Media 2019: Generation Z

Social media is a field which is dominated by trends. There are an estimated 2.5 billion people using social media, which makes it a key channel for messaging, branding, and communication. When it comes to being ahead of the curve, knowing what is trending, and what will be trending, is imperative. The top trend in social media for 2019 will probably be Generation Z.

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Generation Z and Social Media: An Overview

Generation Z is about to graduate college, and they are a sea change waiting to happen to social media.

More than half of Generation Z spends more than 6 hours a day on their mobile phones. They use less social media platforms than millennials, but spend more time on the platforms they use.

Generation Z isn’t using social media just for talking to their friends – they want to be entertained. 81% report watching at least one hour of video content online per day. They form relationships with the brands that deliver content they engage with. They value those relationships with brands more than sales or offers they are given when it comes to shopping. Gen Z are more swayed by influencers than celebrities, and that is because influencers create narratives they can relate to. Companies like YouTube Red and Netflix are already creating shows with influencers as stars. This gives influencers another timeline based narrative that can speak to Generation Z.

They are a driving force in the on-demand service sector. This also helps reinforce their lack of patience and want of instant gratification. That attitude extends to the apps they use – Gen Z prefers apps with intuitive navigation and quick loading times.

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Key Strategies

If you are looking to interact successfully with Generation Z, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Your content must be engaging and entertaining.

An advertisement that simply informs and educates the market about your product will be ignored by Generation Z. You need to tell an engaging story, and give your product or company a sense of relevance. Gen Z’ers will respond to messages that entertain and involve them. Don’t tell them why your product works – create a brand with a story that they can incorporate into their lifestyle.

2. Be quick, with intuitive design.

Your platform must load quickly, have an elegant design, and ease of use. If you are debating including an extra feature that will require two more clicks and thirty more seconds of user work, you are probably better off leaving it out.

3. Form relationships with Generation Z – create trust, not authority.

Influencers carry weight with Generation Z because they have a relationship, with the trust that comes along with it. When interacting with Generation Z, look to create relationships with them; instead of positioning yourself as an authority, position yourself as a trusted friend. Be approachable, supportive, and interact with them.

4. Make Videos!

Generation Z likes video content. Entertaining videos will be watched for their own sake, not just for the information or advertising within. Tell your story, keep things light and funny, and aim to entertain as well as educate.


How Proggio Optimizes Itself For Generation Z

The takeaways listed above are part of what we are doing with our project management software and our marketing. We designed our project management solution to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. We try to keep our content engaging and entertaining, especially on social media. (Follow our Twitter account!) We aim to form relationships with our customers. And we are working on a slate of video content that will be as entertaining as it is informative – stay tuned….