Top 10 Work Humor Videos

We all could use a laugh sometimes. Work humor is how we deal with work frustrations, after all. The office can get absurd, ridiculous, and worse – so before you lose it, take a break and laugh it off. Here are our top 10 work humor videos:

1) Interview

This interview starts off well enough, but quickly devolves into a laughfest, with a twist ending. It also has a few great negotiating tips, if you’re brave enough to ever try them…

2) Email

We all get those wonderful emails informing us of millions of dollars in Nigeria someone wants to send us, or a stranded friend in a foreign country who needs money sent quickly (except they’re at home and talking to you on the phone), or maybe it’s a long lost relative’s inheritance somehow stranded in a bank in Sri Lanka. James Veitch decided to take the plunge and go along with it.

3) Start Ups

SNL alum Bobby Moynihan has a new start up, selling bowls on the internet. I bet you didn’t even know you needed the right bowl fit before.

4) Conference Calls

A conference call, in real life.

5) The Too Nice Guy In The Office

Every office has the one guy who is almost offensively too nice to others – what happens if there are who sit next to each other? The New York Times asked Jordan Peele and Michael Keegan-Key to do a sketch on office altruism…and the results are incredible.

6) The Standing Desk Guy

Every office has its Standing Desk Guy. Hopefully s/he isn’t like Dwight.

7) Resume Polishing

Stephen “Randy” Colbert sat down with Barack Obama near the end of his presidency to help him find his next job by polishing his resume for the demands of the working world.

8) Customer Service

There is no better example of perfect customer service than this nice, affable, aiming to please soup merchant in Manhattan.

9) The Very First Job Interview

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

10) Millennial Job Interview

Every millennial stereotype in one video.