This Year’s Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

What a year it’s been! As December winds down and the holidays approach, we are taking a look back at this year’s most popular blog posts.

1. The Gantt Chart Is Outdated. Finally, A Better Alternative

most popular blog posts: a better alternative

This was our most popular blog post of the year! It seems a lot of readers feel the same way we do – the Gantt chart is an old tool in desperate need of a makeover. If this blog post is any indication, Proggio’s better alternative is a crowd pleaser.

2. Agile vs. Traditional: Eiffel Tower vs. Sagrada Familia

eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower was built in two years; the Sagrada Familia is still under construction a hundred years later. What is the difference between these two projects? The difference between agile methodology and traditional project management.

3. Using JIRA For Project Management

JIRA is a wonderful tool for software development. It’s not a good fit for project management, though. It lacks a timeline, and the ticket based system creates a tunnel vision effect where fixing bugs overtakes the project as a whole.

4. The Timeline Maker

When we wrote this, we had no idea it would become one of our most popular blog posts! This project management story follows the beginnings of Henry Gantt through the modern era, set in a fantasy world far away.

5. Top 10 Project Management Blogs

Everyone appreciates good content on project management. From tips and tricks of the trade to painful lessons learned, people share their wisdom online in blogs. This popular blog post zooms in on the top 10 we’ve found.

6. How To Plan A Royal Wedding

Remember the royal wedding? It already feels like ages ago! We explored the vast preparations that go into a royal wedding, from the vantage point of a project manager. This popular blog post features tidbits and trivia about Prince Harry and Meghan’s special day.

7. Top 10 Project Management Videos on YouTube

We took the top 10 project management videos on YouTube and put them all in one place. From humor to interesting lectures to deep dives into different parts of project management, there’s something for everyone here. Maybe that’s why it was one of our most popular blog posts…

8. Kanban: Lessons from a Supermarket

“Project management strategy, aisle three!”

Kanban is all the rage with workflow and task management – but did you know this revolutionary system was devised by a man enthralled with a supermarket supply chain? The legendary Taiichi Ohno, who founded Kanban at Toyota, got his idea while shopping for groceries.

9. Agile is a Meaningless Term in Project Management

This popular blog post sparked a heated conversation! It asserts that agile is a meaningless term due to overuse. Everyone just calls their meetings “standups” and customer support tickets “stories,” and puffs out their chest and announces they’re an agile organization. Why this is the case, though, is worth a deeper look.

10. Why Task Management Apps Show You A Timeline That Doesn’t Really Work

These days, every task management tool out there slaps a timeline on top of its interface and bills itself as a project management tool. Why are they doing this? And what happens if you use one for project management?