There’s a Playlist for That! 3 Resources for Battling PM Burnout

Burnout is on the rise across the globe as people struggle more than ever to maintain a work-life balance and manage stress.

According to a recent Aflac WorkForces report, almost 60% of American workers are experiencing some level of  burnout — more than in 2021 and even 2020 at the height of the pandemic. And that burnout has real consequences, both personal and professional. As Aflac found, 86% of people who report high levels of burnout also suffer from a mix of anxiety, depression, and difficulty sleeping. Meanwhile nearly half of all employees say their mental health has negatively impacted their productivity at work.

Unsurprisingly, project managers can be particularly vulnerable to burnout. Why? They’re commonly overworked with too many tasks, over-scheduled with unnecessary meetings, and operating without clearly defined responsibilities or set hours. Not to mention, they’re juggling multiple projects at any given time — and left playing project management Whack-a-Mole.

So, how can PMs better prevent and mitigate burnout in their lives? We’ve all heard the usual suggestions like saying no to extra work and setting boundaries — which are, of course, extremely valid and helpful.

But beyond those strategies, try using these resources next time you feel the candle burning at both ends:

1. Switch up your soundtrack

Music has been found to improve productivity, relieve stress, and release dopamine, which can make you happy. So if you’re looking to make the most of your workday and tune into some positive thoughts, try changing your soundtrack and finding the right tunes. Spotify, for example, has a range of ready-made playlists for boosting productivity, keeping calm, and even avoiding burnout.

Proggio even has you covered with our ultimate project management playlist for scoring your work sessions. Because there’s nothing like some Queen and Smashing Pumpkins to keep you on track!

2. Consult the experts

One of the most common tips for navigating burnout is to ask for help. Now, that could mean getting assistance from family and friends, or asking workplace mentors and higher-ups for their support. But it could also mean consulting experts for advice on maintaining work-life balance and practicing self-care.

Dr. Emily Nagoski, for example, wrote the best-sellng book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. Headspace offers a suite of podcasts about everything from mindfulness to the “Sunday Scaries.” And The Mindfulness App features guided meditation sessions from experienced teachers in the field.

3. Use tools that adapt to your needs

Of course, if you’re really overloaded at work, all the podcasts and apps in the world might provide some temporary relief. But when it comes down to it, you’ll still need to do a deep clean on your tools and processes. As we found in a recent survey, many PMs are being held back by inefficient or outdated platforms. Almost 80% are also using at least 3-7 tools, which can only end up adding more work to their plates. 

So, if you’re feeling burned out, you might want to start by looking at your tech stack. Instead of piling on more platforms, make sure you’re using a comprehensive PPM that actually adapts to your needs. Because, yes, a good meditation routine or mindfulness podcast can really take the edge off. But a streamlined platform can potentially save you hours of work each week, so you can get back to being productive and fine-tuning that work-life balance.

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