The Workplan: Where It All Begins

We all know those super-organized types, who seem to have everything slotted in perfectly to their schedules. They seem unflappable, with a ready answer for whatever comes their way. Here’s their secret: they use a workplan to structure their activities.

A workplan is a scaffold for you to fit your plans around. It serves as an outline for your goals and the processes you will use to achieve them. This outline lets you turn those processes into tasks, which you can then get to doing and be on your way.


How do you create a workplan? Sit down with those two trusty tools, a pen and paper:

  1. State the purpose of the workplan. This is a sentence or two, that’s the short answer to the question “why am I creating this?”
  2. Add an introduction and background. Explain the short sentence you just wrote. Write as if you’re writing for other people to read – in fact, there is a good chance other people will be reading this plan! Include relevant statistics,  and identify the problem you are going to solve.
  3. Now define your goals and objectives. What do you want to accomplish? Goals are big picture outcomes, while objectives are measurable markers of progress. Objectives can be short term, long term, and in between – and make sure you define their scope as part of your plan.
  4. List your resources. Resources can be the financial budget, personnel, buildings, information, techniques, and anything else that will be used for the work outlined.
  5. Identify your constraints. What challenges will you face with these goals and objectives? Missing resources, external challenges, internal problems, etc.
  6. Assign accountability. Who is responsible for each stage? If one outcome will be worked on by a team, who is the point person for that team?
  7. Define your strategy. How will your resources be used to overcome your constraints? What are your actionable items? What is the timetable?

Users of Proggio know that this process is built into the projectmap – the mechanics of building a project on the Proggio platform mirror these seven steps. A workplan is an important part of project planning, since it organizes your project for success. Proggio embeds it into your project planning.