The Project Template – Planning Tool and Road Map

There are many project management software options out there. When looking for a project management solution, project managers have a checklist of features and requirements that they have – and an available project template is almost never one of them.

This is a mistake. Templates aren’t only about saving time – they’re also a convenient benchmark you can judge your project against. When you’re looking for a project plan tool, having a benchmark helps you fine tune your own project plan.

proggio event project template

Say you’re running an event. You have an idea of the things you want to do, and could easily create a project plan for the event. Seeing another project plan (like the one above) may give you ideas for yours. Or help you in your planning and organization. Or provide a vanilla option for you and your team to beat. Seeing how someone else approached the same project informs your own. 

If the project template fits your plan, it will save you time by becoming your project plan. But even if it doesn’t, it will save you time by giving you a checklist of things you need to cover, and an idea of how to plan for it. We’ve all had times when we’ve seen a template and said “Oh, right. We need a point person for event signage. Let me add that to our plan,” or something to that effect. Either way this process helps you, by using a project template you’re either saving time, having a better informed plan, or both. 

Project Templates – Why Do We Take Them For Granted?

If project templates are so helpful, why aren’t more project managers clamoring for them? You would think this is something that would be in the top 3 requests project managers have for project management tools, right? Yet, according to a survey done by Statista, the top concerns for project managers when purchasing project management software are functionality, ease of use, and price. The next factors are level of support, the software’s reputation and popularity, and implementation training. You see what’s missing from the list. Why aren’t project templates listed here?

Do new car buyers still list “power windows” as an important feature?

No, because people take them for granted.

A google search for “project template” yields nearly one hundred available templates on the first page – many for Excel spreadsheets! We all know why there is a demand for those templates, and why project management solutions are offering them on the page. People want to see how other people built their projects, and people want to save time. That’s why these project templates are ubiquitous. Templates are something we take for granted…until they’re missing. 

Proggio – Saving You Time, Keeping You Informed

Proggio has templates available for nearly every kind of project you can imagine, from manufacturing lines to software development to event management to vendor selection to Phase 1 clinical trials for biotech companies. We know you need to save time and while being informed, and we know this is something you think is standard. We are adding new templates all the time, and we are happy to add your requests, too.

Your time is valuable. Use Proggio today.