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Kanban: Lessons from a Supermarket

Kanban boards are all the rage for task management. They’re intuitive, simple, and effective. By incorporating a visual layout, it transformed the to-do list from an annoyance to a productivity tool. Where do kanban boards come from? Ultimately, the supermarket. Taiichi Ohno was a factory supervisor in a Toyota manufacturing plant. Ohno was struck by […]

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Case Study: How a $1b company plans an event In 25% less time while cutting 12% in costs

When running a $1B global company, a yearly roadmap presentation event to the entire sales organization becomes a real challenge. When the company decided to run its yearly event with 300 people participating flying in from 11 different locations, they selected Proggio to optimize their event planning process. It isn’t easy to run a high profile […]

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