Weekly Success Digest #2


Every week we bring you the most relevant content to help run your project team successfully. This week, due to the start of the 101 edition of the Giro d’Italia the focus is on bicycles, so get your gear ready & enjoy the ride.


Italian cyclist, Gino Bartali, winner of Giro d’Italia 3 times and winner of Tour de France twice, used his unique position to save thousands of Jews during WW2 while riding more than 400K miles – read the full story here, or you can watch this documentary clip made in his honor.


bike wuote

As Einstein, we at Proggio believe that to manage projects successfully you need momentum – in his own words, “you must keep moving.” Read about it here.


Are you familiar with this amazing family bike called Taga 2.0, which raised over 2.5M$ on Kickstarter?

taga 2.0


Gregg Popovich, one of the most successful NBA coaches of all time and known for his incredible leadership qualities, is being analyzed by Bloomberg to bring us his five pillars of success (pillar three is a wonderful surprise!)

 Gregg Popovich quote


Forbes details the four leadership methods for empowering employees and building strong teams – it starts with effective communication and making sure team members have a big picture view of their role.


A new research center in Colombia University research failure’s educational purpose. Luminaries like Einstein and Marie Curie are paradigmatic examples of people whose failures were instrumental to their future successes – and learning about their stories seems to improve high school students test scores. Read about it here.


Picture credit: RCS Sport