So Why “Proggio,” Anyways?

So you’re asking yourself, “Why should I use Proggio?” 


proggio project map gantt chart


Proggio is the project management software that actually reflects how projects are planned and managed.

You know how you plan your projects. You start with a meeting, inviting the people who will be responsible for the different aspects of the project. Together, you speak out the goals and plans and sketch out a dynamic plan on a whiteboard.

This kind of project planning centers around people. You’re talking with the people responsible, and planning the project around the people who will be doing the work. You’re not looking at individual tasks – you’re sketching out a map or blueprint of the project. 

You know how successful projects are managed. You’re a project manager, after all.

Successful Projects Have Common Elements, Across Different Sectors and Verticals

  • Team-focused planning: Successful projects are structured around the team, not the tasks.
  • Collaboration: The team works together, as a whole.
  • Clarity: Project succeeds when everyone is clear about their roles and tasks within the big picture of the project as a whole.
  • Communication: Communication is the central nervous system of a project.
  • Momentum: Successful projects start off building momentum through small successes, on to the bigger challenges.
  • Leadership: Projects succeed when the project manager can be a leader, not a Gantt chart mechanic.

You also know that existing project management software does not reflect this kind of project planning or project management.

That’s why you’re looking for one that actually works, while everyone else spends hours fine-tuning Gantt charts or using inefficient software.

Enter Proggio

Proggio takes the traditional project timeline and flips it on its head. No more project plans with tunnel vision on tasks. Instead, the project is focused on the team from the beginning.

Say hello to the project map:


Proggio Project map


It looks like the whiteboard sketches you’d be doodling at a project kickoff meeting. You create this the same way. Sit down with your team, and use Proggio as if it’s your whiteboard.

The result? A project plan designed around the team and core areas of the project. 

The Project Map is the Anti-Gantt Chart: Understandable at a Glance by Anybody

That clarity is invaluable to everyone on the team. One picture is worth a thousand words – and one project map is worth a thousand prevented delays. Everyone knows exactly where they fit into the project as a whole, unlike with a complicated to look at Gantt.

But it doesn’t end there. That’s just project planning.

  • Every progress update from your team is automatically reflected on the project map. You don’t need to track people down to tell you what’s going on. You can see it unfold in real-time.
  • Your team communicates within Proggio around the work they’re collaborating on. Files can be shared. There are multiple views for your team members to see their tasks.  The interface is clean, simple, and intuitive. Your team doesn’t have to hate your project management tool!
  • Dependencies are clearly marked on the project map. As the today line moves across the map, your focus is drawn to those blue connector lines, ensuring the handoff between two teams is progressing smoothly. Forget trying to calculate the critical chain – the risk areas of the project are already in focus from day one.

Proggio is Jam-Packed with Other Project Portfolio Features, Too

Budget tracking? Yes. Including labor costs. Team loading? Yes.

Planned vs Actual tracking? Yes – with multiple reference points available.

Proggio has a Project Portfolio Management suite that updates automatically, too. Showing your success to management has never been easier. 

Forget those late nights sifting through progress reports and updating the Gantt chart for that meeting with management because it’s already there waiting for you.

Proggio integrates with JIRA, bringing an entirely new dimension to software development project management.


Proggio - an integrated organization


No more software development silo. Proggio integrates the entire organization.

This project management software has every feature a project manager could hope to have. And more features and integrations roll out all the time.

Leave the Gantt chart behind. Be the leader you know you can be. And want to be. 

The future of project management is here.

See the difference for yourself.



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