The Smart Way To Plan Your Wedding

Wedding planning is stressful, annoying, seems like it takes forever…and when it’s done right, makes your special day a magical one.

How to do it right, though – that’s the question!

Wedding planning is an exercise in project management. You need to plan the day and all that goes into it from the beginning. Meticulous, detail focused planning is the key to making sure you don’t forget anything. Sure, you’re not planning the Royal Wedding, but your wedding deserves the same attention to detail, and magical air!

Proggio is a project management solution, and we know a thing or two about planning for success. We made a wedding plan mockup using our software to help you visualize the wedding planning, and see everything at a glance. 

Proggio Wedding Plan

Let’s break down the planning and get you on your way to the most magical wedding possible!

So You Got Engaged

Congratulations! You found Mr/s Perfect and you’re ready to tie the knot. The first thing you’re going to do is let everyone know. Parents, friends, the community…there are a lot of people to inform. Don’t forget to change your Facebook status! (Setting it to “It’s Complicated” would NOT be a good idea…)

Now starts stage one of your wedding plans. You’re going to have quite a few things to stay on top of, but don’t despair – or panic.

The first thing is where will the wedding take place? Are you going to get married at the courthouse? A restaurant? A wedding hall? Maybe outside city limits at the waterfall? Build a list of venues, and start visiting them to see which ones fit your needs.

You’ll want to start designing the invitation for the wedding. Names, typeset, pictures, styles…get a head start on this now, and it will save you time in the long run.

Of course, the wedding dress is kind of a big deal, too. It’s gotta be perfect, right? Start looking for stores, tailors, designers, and such. Compile your list of possibilities.

A groom needs his best man, and a bride needs her bridesmaids. Decide who you want in these important roles, and bring them on board.

It’s not a wedding without flowers! You’ll need a florist for the bride’s bouquet, the centerpieces, and whatever else. Get their bids for the wedding now.

If you like it, you should put a ring on it. You’ll want to start visiting jewelers and getting an idea what kind of rings are out there.

Decisions Time

Stage 2 of your wedding planning is where you’ll be making most of your decisions. You’ll then be in position to start with the logistics and nitty gritty details that will make your wedding the event of a lifetime! Let’s break it all down:

Once you’ve visited a few locations, you’ll be ready to book a venue for the wedding. This is the linchpin of planning – almost everything rests on this one choice. Make it wisely 🙂

The next thing is finalizing and sending the invitations to your guests. Make sure you make a list of invites – forgetting dear Auntie Karen will spark a family fight the likes you’ve never seen, and sink your wedding. You also want to maintain a list of who responded that they’re coming so you can have an accurate guest list.

Meet with the caterer, to discuss the menu options. You’ll then plan the meal courses. Make sure you taste the food, so there are no unhappy surprises later on!

If you have guests coming from far away, or your wedding will be held somewhere where accommodations are necessary, get on booking those hotel rooms before availability dries up and you have a problem. While you’re doing that, finalize the travel plans – airline tickets if need be, or whatever else. You’ll also want to book a photographer and a band or DJ now – make sure the one you want isn’t booked! It’s a disappointment when you can’t get the vendors you want.

On the wedding dress front, you should be neck deep in preparations – literally. Its time to design the dress and then have it fitted – no nasty surprises on wedding day!

Your best man and bridesmaids should be planning the bachelor party, the bridal shower, and bachelorette party.

The florists have submitted their bids. Its time to pick one and meet the florist to tell them what you want for the wedding. They’ll need time to do a mock up and make sure they can get the flowers you want.

Now is also the time to design and finalize the ring design, and get it fitted. It would be a disaster if the ring didn’t get onto the lucky girl’s finger!

It’s All Coming Together

The painful part is pretty much finished, at this point. The big day is approaching – it’s almost here! There are some odds and ends to wrap up. Let’s list them out.

Now that you have a list of who is coming, its time to plan the seating for the wedding. There’s always some sort of family politics of who can’t sit next to who, so make sure you don’t accidentally sit Cousin Lurch next to Uncle Fester.

You’ve tasted the food, and made your adjustments, so finalize the menu for the wedding.

Do that final dress fitting for the wedding, too. Make sure those alterations were done properly!

Round up the friends and paint the town red. It’s time for the bachelor party, the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party. The end is in sight! You’ll be together forever soon enough.

Lastly, finalize with the florist. Ensure those petunias and orchids are ready for the bride’s bouquet.

Before you can blink, it’ll be time for the wedding rehearsal and time to make sure the big day goes off without a hitch – well, with one hitch, since you’ll be getting hitched!

And then, the day you’ve been waiting for. Wedding planning is over, and nothing is left to chance. It will be a masterpiece event. Congratulations, you two! Here’s to happy ever after 🙂