Small Business Saturday: Must Have Software

Small Business Saturday is coming up! Black Friday is for big retail stores, Cyber Monday is for online sellers, and Small Business Saturday is all about supporting local brick and mortar businesses. Running a small business isn’t easy! There are so many things that go in to running a business successfully, and getting it all done with a small team can be downright difficult. Proper tools make a difference. Here are the top 10 “must have” software apps for small businesses.

1. Accounting: Xero

Xero is jam packed with all the features you would want from accounting software. You can use Xero for accepting payments, asset management, bank connections and reconciliation, invoicing, multi-currency accounting, paying bills, sales tax, and more. Xero provides experts in the field for consulting, too. Dashboards and reporting are easy, and informative.

2. Payroll and HR: Gusto

Gusto is a solution offering HR and payroll tools. Gusto takes care of everything from onboarding of new employees to managing HR functions alongside payroll and benefits in one streamlined easy place. Gusto saves you time, brings a modern and sleek feel to the company, and cuts down on your paperwork! Gusto also integrates with Xero, so using both gets even easier.

3. Shipping: ShipStation

ShipStation is your one stop shop for all your shipping needs. ShipStation connects to different points of sale, processes orders, prints shipping labels, and tracks your shipments once you send them. It even has a mobile app, so you can process business on the go. Filling orders with ShipStation is easy, streamlined, and lets you go from order to product shipped in no time at all.

4. Project Management: Proggio

proggio logoProggio is the premier visual project management software solution. Using Proggio makes planning and operating projects across the team as easy as sketching plans on a whiteboard. From planning projects to managing tasks across the team to tracking project progress, Proggio gives you a central location for anything and everything project management. It’s loaded with features like budget tracking, plan vs actual comparison, and resource loading.

5. Inventory Management: Shopventory

Shopventory is perfect for small business inventory management. Shopventory tracks inventory, and analyzes what products are moving and what isn’t selling. You can create kits and bundles to track related items. You’ll receive alerts when your supply of a product is running low, ensuring you never lose a customer due to low supply again. You can even manage vendors through the system. When it comes to managing Small Business Saturday, this is a perfect solution to making sure you have the right products ready to go.

6. Labor Management: Homebase

Homebase lets you build employee schedules, track work hours, and manage your labor effectively. From overtime to requests for time off from work, Homebase has it all. Employees can track breaks, and trade shifts. The app allows the team to chat in real time and send messages. Homebase even lets you manage hiring, putting all your labor concerns in one central location.

7. Expense Reports: Expensify

Expensify manages all expenses. From employee receipts to business travel, you can track and manage all business expenses in one place. Expense reports are a breeze – you can even import charges from a credit card to generate expense reports automatically. You can approve reimbursements straight from the app. The app can recognize data from receipt pictures – it’s easy to grab the data you need!

8. Contracts: HelloSignhellosign

HelloSign makes sending and receiving contracts as easy as possible. Upload PDFs, edit them for the proper details, email them, and have a contract signed in minutes. You can even send documents by scanning them with the camera of your phone. You can customize signature requests and contracts with company branding, too.

9. Taxes: TurboTax

TurboTax has been the preferred DIY tax platform for ages. If you’re filing your own taxes, TurboTax is amazingly helpful. You can talk with tax experts on a screenshare session, getting answers to your questions easily. You can also have someone look over your taxes before you file them. The “It’s Deductible” feature helps you identify what are relevant business expense deductions all year long, too.

10. Graphics: Canva

Canva is a great tool for graphics. Document customization, photo editing, and graph creation make Canva a one stop shop for your graphics needs. It has a light and easy interface, and all you need to do to start designing is drag and drop. Helpful templates let you jump right into things. You can choose the color palette of your brand and create great looking content for advertising, blogging, and more.


To properly prepare for Small Business Saturday, and beyond, load up on the software you’ll need to make your small business a force to be reckoned with. When your operations are humming, you can focus on winning customers and making them happy – and that is the secret sauce to success. From Small Business Saturday to the rest of the year, you deserve your business to take off!