The Secret Project Management Technique Gary Vaynerchuk Recommends

What is the secret technique that separates the average project managers from the great ones? You’d be surprised to find out!

Every project manager has a go-to technique. Some are cornerstones of their management style, others are tips they picked up from experience or mentors – and each is worth learning and adding to your bag of tricks. But there is one technique that is always needed for success. The pros know it, the big names know it, and it’s high time you know it too.



That’s it! That’s the secret ingredient for success.

“Seriously?” you’re asking. “That sounds like one of those simple pieces of advice that are supposed to sound profound.”

Sure, but it’s actually quite profound!

Listening skills are some of the most overlooked in the professional skill set. Everyone talks about communication skills, but it seems many forget the other half of communication. You can be an eloquent speaker with a gift for explaining things, but if you don’t know how to listen to others you will always be under-informed. When it comes to project management, that’s a handicap.

That’s Gary Vaynerchuk, who knows a thing or two about success.

What is your team telling you? Do you pay attention to the words they use, or are you listening to their intended message? Are you listening because you care, or because you don’t have a choice? Are you listening at all? What is their body language communicating? What is your body language communicating?

listening skills

At the end of the day, project managers won’t know what’s going on at the base levels of their project if they aren’t prepared to go out to the field and listen to the people working on it. You won’t have motivated employees, and you’ll have an environment with incentives for precisely the wrong kind of work. Those are serious problems for a project manager.

Build those listening skills – if you have a motivated team who feel rewarded for their collaboration and communication, you will have a project firing on all cylinders and building its own momentum towards success.