PMI Global Summit 2022: Proggio Highlights and Takeaways

proggio sponsored the pmi global summit 2022 in las vegas

Project managers from around the world descended upon Las Vegas for the PMI Global Summit 2022 this past week. Hundreds of PMs and PMO leaders gathered to discuss ways to further develop their skills and become better at what they do. The PMI Global Summit 2022 was a great opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in the project management industry. 

Here’s a quick recap of the summit’s highlights and takeaways from our perspective.

The Line Leading to Project Portfolio Management Sainthood

Our booth was all the buzz of the event when hundreds of project management professionals and PMO leaders flocked towards us as they stood in line one by one. They were eager and curious to learn how they could become their company’s next Saint of Deadlines with Proggio’s heavenly solution.

A not-so-humble brag…Proggio literally stole the show. Hundreds of PMs and PMO leaders lined up to our booth to learn more.

Moreso, we also had the chance to meet many who are already Proggio users and wanted to share with us their feedback and how grateful they are to have access to the solution’s robust capabilities that simplify their work, making them look like rockstars. They revealed to us how amazed they are at how they really could finally streamline their processes with the ultimate clarity, increase their company’s productivity, and meet deadlines well within budget, all the while staying aligned across departments and company goals, even if plans constantly change. And let’s face it…plans are constantly changing.

Needless to say, we were honored by the attention and glad that we have such a unique solution to be proud of.

Breakout Session: Alcon’s Global PMO Lead Shares How He Gained the Ultimate Project Portfolio Clarity

Speaking of being honored, we were also proud to present Philippe Rocheteau, Alcon’s Global PMO Lead, where he shared how his team went from zero to 20/20 project portfolio clarity with our agile project portfolio management solution.

The crowd identified with Rocheteau as he noted that traditional PPM tools often leave PMO leaders and stakeholders in the dark. For example, reports become outdated quickly and changes in scope or priorities can create impacts that are difficult to predict. As a result, overdue deadlines, missed opportunities, and employee burnout becomes inevitable.

He went on to explain why modern project management demands agile and adaptive PPM solutions, like Proggio. These solutions support multiple methodologies (i.e., Waterfall, Agile, Sprint), providing real-time 20/20 clarity, agility, realistic timelines, a future view to identify obstacles and opportunities, and enabling better budgeting and resource management. Hence, they are designed to keep pace with the speed of today’s business.

It was an inspiring discussion and one that underscores the importance of having the right tools for the job.

Post-event Happy Hour

The PMI Global Summit 2022 was a fantastic event. After all of the networking and learning sessions, it was great to have some time to relax and have fun with our fellow project managers and PMO leaders. Our secret invite-only happy hour at the Ghost Donkey was the perfect way to unwind. We enjoyed the camaraderie over drinks while swapping stories of our project management experiences.

For those who had already implemented our project portfolio management solution, it was a great chance to share their success stories and lessons learned. For those looking for a new project portfolio management solution, there were plenty of helpful conversations and new connections made.


Overall, the PMI Global Summit 2022 was an insightful event for project managers and PMO leaders alike.

It was a great opportunity to network, listen to the common struggles that fellow project managers and PMO leaders face, and then share best practices and newfound strategies that they can use with Proggio to put an end to all of it.

We thoroughly enjoyed all of the conversations we had in and out of the expo and look forward to working with everyone in the near future.