How To Make Your Meetings More Productive & Fun

Meetings. Is there anything as universally reviled as the poor old team meeting? At the same time, we all know that no matter how much we hate them, they’re necessary. If only there were a way to make meetings enjoyable and productive.

There is. Here are three simple tips that will turn your team meetings into creativity packed jam sessions that actually get things done.

Provide Food

It seems so simple, and yet it is so often overlooked. How much is two dozen donuts and two boxes of coffee? Do you know what it will buy you? An engaged team that feels appreciated and looks forward to meetings. Food makes the party, as event planners know. Meetings are events, too! Buy some munch, and see the results immediately. I know it sounds silly, but yes – some muffins and orange juice can actually make meetings enjoyable and productive.

homer simpson mmm donuts
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Give Everyone A Chance To Speak – And Give Feedback

Instead of wearing your “leaderhosen,” wear a mod hat. Don’t lecture, facilitate. Give everyone a chance to speak, and encourage the shy and quiet team members to share their thoughts and perspectives. People feel appreciated, and part of the team, when they feel heard. It can be something as simple as kicking off each meeting by going around the table and asking each person for their feedback and updates, and/or their challenges and their successes so far. Celebrate with them, coach them, and give them the feedback they want and need.

Shake Things Up A Bit

shake up the meeting

Hold your meetings outdoors. Or in a cafe. Do one meeting as a walk in the park. Have each person come in with a funny YouTube video or comic strip. Send out the agenda in pig Latin. Keep things fresh and new, and people on their toes. Zany is good. Fun is important. People will want to attend meetings that brighten up their day, instead of drag it down. No one said work can’t be fun! When work is fun, your team will be showing up each day engaged, excited, and ready to make things happen. And when you are somewhere outside the workplace, creativity comes from the different view.

Make meetings enjoyable and productive – you’ll love the results, and your team will too.

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