How To Improve As A Project Manager

We all want to be better. Growth isn’t just for companies, it’s for people too! As good as we are at what we do, there is always room for improvement. Here are some quick tips to improve as a project manager:

Stay current in the field

Read the things other project managers are saying. Read blogs, listen to podcasts, or subscribe to industry websites’ newsletters. Knowing what is changing is key to staying ahead of the curve, and keeping up with the ever-changing field of project management. The tips and tricks you’ll pick up will help you grow as an effective project manager, too.

Seek out feedback from your team

An idea may seem perfect in theory, but the best way to find out if it works in practice is to ask the people tasked with doing it. Feedback is crucial for so many things in project management. You’ll improve team communication. You’ll be dialed in to every part of the project. You’ll also be in a position to utilize the relationships you’ll be creating with your team as part of your management strategy. Guess what? Their feedback will help you improve as a project manager, too.

Be a leader, not just a manager

Coach your team, don’t just tell them what to do. Just like a sports team, a project team needs to execute a strategy, working together, with good chemistry. The project manager is like the head coach of the team. You need to devise a strategy that plays to your team’s strengths, and puts them in the best place to succeed. Even with a good strategy in place, you also need to ensure the team works well together, and is motivated to succeed. That takes leadership!

coach in the huddle

Make sure you take care of yourself

Take five minute breaks during the day. Use vacation and personal time responsibly. You need to be at your best to be effective! You won’t be at your best if you’re tired, worn out, or emotionally drained. Taking the right time off is a productivity tool.

Meetings are valuable and important

happy business meeting

Face to face communication is key, especially in an online world. Make your meetings productive and enjoyable, and team communication will increase. So will team morale. Bring something new to every meeting, and make sure everybody has a chance to talk. You’ll gain valuable insight into how things are going in the field, and you will make your team members feel valued.