Case Study: How a $1b company plans an event In 25% less time while cutting 12% in costs

When running a $1B global company, a yearly roadmap presentation event to the entire sales organization becomes a real challenge. When the company decided to run its yearly event with 300 people participating flying in from 11 different locations, they selected Proggio to optimize their event planning process.

It isn’t easy to run a high profile event. Planning has to be thorough and exhaustive, with every detail accounted for. You need the right atmosphere, the perfect menu, floor plans, schedule, and every guest’s preferences taken care of. One mistake, and instead of celebrating success, you’re losing traction where you need it most. Those are big stakes, with potentially big rewards!

The Challenge: How do you plan the event of the year?

The company had different teams managing different aspects of the event. The hospitality team was in charge of guest experience. From flights to hotel rooms, meal plans to transportation, this team needed to ensure a great experience for every guest. The content team was in charge of the event schedule. Speakers, presentations, focus groups, and group activities –  this team was tasked with putting it all together. The logistics staff would be coordinating the event as it unfolded – interfacing with hotel staff, guests, and vendors, making sure everything ran smoothly. This team would have every activity set up, ready to go, at the proper time. Lastly, the design team’s job was to put together all the materials for the event, from signage to communications.

How do you coordinate different teams and make sure your event goes off without a hitch?


Proggio event planning template


The Solution: Proggio’s Event Template And Project Management Platform

the company built their event plan using Proggio’s event planning template. Every detail from big to small was already there, saving the company valuable time during preparation and leaving nothing to chance. With a template, all the company had to do was manage the project plan, tweaking the particulars to fit their specific event. Proggio’s platform kept the different planning teams on top of every task, coordinating their efforts every step of the way. The streamlined planning saved 25% on planning time compared to the previous year – and the company saved 12% on the cost of the event!

The Result

The event was a smashing success, going off without a hitch. Every guest left impressed. A lot goes in to being a billion dollar company! The event of the year – easily planned with a Proggio template, and coordinated with the industry’s best project management platform. That was a winning combination for the company, and it can be a winning combination for you.


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