Proggio Empowers the Project Manager to Succeed

Proggio was founded in 2016 by Yaniv Shor (CEO) and Barak Schiby (CTO). As senior managers working in a big corporate firm, Yaniv and Barak were frustrated by the effort required in order to stay on top of their projects.

Over the years they realized that project teams succeed despite project management applications and not thanks to them. From this realization, the idea of Proggio was born! Building from their experience, Yaniv and Barak further developed their idea, wrote a book, applied for a patent and built a team of passionate project experts to build Proggio – the first success solution for project teams.

Proggio is based on a holistic approach to project management, placing people in the center, not tasks. It drives success through creating a shared purpose, building momentum and staying focused – all the way to delivery with confidence.

Interested in knowing what the name Proggio means? Read about it here.

Proggio management team:

Yaniv Shor

Yaniv Shor

Barak Schiby

Barak Schiby

Ziggi Zukerman
VP Marketing
Time to Deliver Book by Yaniv Shor

Patented approach to project management

Proggio was built based on the patented Projectmap, a fresh approach to project management